I’ve never understood why in most of the Robin Williams tributes (both gifsets/photosets and videos) that they leave out Mork. Like…that’s the role that made him famous. Why do they leave that character out? Personally, he’s my favorite out of all the roles he had, that one was my favorite. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

I can’t understand why the Emmys tribute left Mork out! It was TV! All they showed were 2 talk show appearances and a comedy act.

The Beatles visiting TV shows

In 1964, Paul McCartney visited the set of ‘The Munsters’, his favorite American show. ‘The Munsters’ even played I Want To Hold Your Hand on the show by an inspired-cover band

In 1974, John and Julian Lennon visited the set of ‘Happy Days’

In 1981, George and Dhani Harrison visited the set of ‘CHiPS’

Anything else?